Possible Dangers Pest Control Methods 

Pests are insects that can cause harm to humans, animals, stored food, and even property. They are of various kinds, those that suck blood, which can lead to various diseases. Some can infect the food, and some can destroy the property, such as beetles and moths. In Oregon, specifically, the pests can differ from season to season. Commonly found pests include spiders, ants, and some are seen occasionally, like boxelder bugs, etc. 

We must control them by using various pest control methods. However, these methods can sometimes prove to be harmful. Pest control methods involve the use of harmful chemicals, which can cause various health issues in humans and animals. Whether you are going with at-home pesticides or with a pest control company in Portland, the harm is equal. Therefore, it is important to be aware and educate yourself to avoid any major issues. 

What are the possible dangers caused by harmful pest control methods?

  • Risk to human health

Pesticides contain harmful chemicals that can lead to various health hazards. Pregnant women, children, and those who have asthma or other respiratory problems are at higher risk of getting affected. In expecting ladies, it can even become a cause of bladder cancer. Children usually have the habit of touching things. They can easily come in contact with those chemicals and may end up ingesting some as well. It can cause various neurological problems, hormonal imbalances, and respiratory diseases. 

Hence, they must remain far away from the pesticides during pest control.

  • Harm to animals 

We usually overlook the harm it may cause to animals around the house. Not only humans but animals are also susceptible to various diseases. They have a habit of sniffing things around the house, especially cats and dogs. If they end up inhaling the harmful chemicals, it can lead to various health issues. The chemicals can also be absorbed through their skin. 

  • Harm to the environment 

In an open space, the spread of pesticides can make its way to the nearest water bodies. It can also get absorbed in the soil. This will cause harm to the non-targeted animals in the area. It may even end up harming the ones that are beneficial for humans. 

Overuse of pesticides will also lead to pests becoming resistant to the chemicals. This will make the pesticides less effective over time. 

  • Increase in the percentage of chemicals

Some pesticides may persist in the environment for longer periods. This will lead to the accumulation of chemicals in the environment. If the chemicals remain in the environment for a long time, they will start to cause various health issues. Humans and animals will be at risk of being affected. This will contaminate the environment as well. 

  • Ecological disbalance 

Over-usage of chemicals and removal of all the pests can disrupt the ecosystem. Everything in the environment is co-dependent. Breaking the natural cycle will cause various problems. We will have to deal with the consequences that will come with it. The possible aftermath can be the outbreak of secondary pests. 

What is the solution? 

It is better to go for environment-friendly methods. Integrated Pest Management is one such method. It ensures the usage of methods that will take care of unforeseen circumstances. It tries its best to use methods that do not involve the use of harmful chemicals. Apart from IPM, one should take the possible precautions as well.