How to surprise your loved ones with a midnight flower delivery?

Want to truly surprise and delight someone special? A midnight flower delivery is sure to put a smile on their face and make them feel loved. With life so busy, there is little time during the day for such gestures. The magic of an unexpected nighttime flower delivery is that the recipient wakes up to a beautiful surprise.

Many standard flower shops close earlier in the evening, so you’ll need one with extended hours or 24/7 delivery coordination. Look for florists open until midnight or 24/7. Read customer reviews to confirm satisfied buyers who scheduled those ultra-late deliveries. You also search for online mississauga same day flower delivery services that deliver at any time of day. They often work with couriers to facilitate late-night surprises. Just enter the recipient’s address and your requested delivery time. With nationwide reach, these services get overnight flowers delivered across the country.

Choose flowers that hold up overnight

You want to select flowers that will still look their best after several hours in transit. Heartier varieties like chrysanthemums, carnations, daisies, roses, asters, and dahlias hold up well overnight versus more delicate blooms. Ask your florist for recommendations on bouquets that travel well. Also, opt for buds that haven’t fully opened yet, as they’ll continue unfurling once delivered. Avoid big-headed blooms that bruise easily. If opting for an assortment, choose flowers in varying buds for progression. Greenery like eucalyptus and ruscus gives great texture too. Aim for simple yet beautiful presentations the recipient can enjoy for days. Also, avoid pollen-heavy varieties that could stain clothes upon opening.

Time the delivery for maximum impact

Most overnight delivery services define “midnight delivery” as being delivered sometime between 9 pm-7 am while the recipient is likely asleep. However, you often specify a narrower delivery window. For true middle-of-the-night awe, aim for 1-3 AM. Or check when they normally awaken and schedule 30-60 minutes prior. So, they’re greeted by your surprise first thing. If you can’t nail down exact sleep patterns, err on the earlier side. Late evening or post-midnight still feels wonderfully unexpected. Don’t make deliveries so early that flowers sit outside all night if you want them as fresh as possible. With a service that confirms deliveries, you’ll have peace of mind knowing exactly when they arrived.

Write a loving note for added sentiment

Don’t forget to accompany your midnight bloom delivery with a card expressing why you sent it. Handwritten notes feel extra meaningful. Share sentiments like.

  • Thinking of you! Hope these brighten your day.
  • Wanted you to wake up knowing how much you’re loved!
  • You deserve to be spoiled with beautiful flowers.
  • Wish I could see your smile when these arrive.
  • Not all superheroes wear capes. Thank you for being you!

If delivering flowers as an apology or pick-me-up, include a more specific note acknowledging that. Just take the extra minute to customize your message. It makes receiving the flowers even more special.