Decorating Your New House? Keep In Mind 3 Amazing Interior Design Styles

Have you been planning on decorating your new house and looking for thematic inspiration? Well, you have come to the right place. The following write-up specifies three interior design styles that gained popularity in the contemporary residential sector. In actuality, the practitioners amalgamate a wide range of elements from the multiple styles together, but it is important to recognize the fundamental aspects of each.

1. Farmhouse

According to renowned interior decorators, the farmhouse style is just another version of cabin-inspired designs. Equipped with both transitional and traditional elements, farmhouse aesthetics manage to transfer your imagination to the French Riviera. Source abundant greeneries and a couple of dry lavenders. Be cautious with the arrangement of the planters and vases since they can stylize your entire home to a great extent.

Farmhouse furniture generally features upholstered linen and distressed wood. Color-wise, beige base and white dominate. The orthodox regulations claim that the accent colors must be similar to light yellow, turquoise, or something muted, but several interior designers think it will be much better to incorporate some vibrant shades for definition and pop-out factor.

2. Mid-Century Modern

The middle part of the 1900s generated a plethora of iconic pieces in interior design.  Minimalist silhouettes, refined lines, and natural patterns characterize the style. Starting from Saarinen to Jacobsen, the mid-century modern experts extracted resourceful ways to utilize brand-new materials like aluminium, molded plastic, and plywood. The furniture is highly versatile and may complement any ambiance.

It is necessary to seek professional assistance if you have decided designing your home in a mid-century modern style. The best designers keep the core structure the same but throw in certain other elements so that your space continues looking fresh for a prolonged period. Adhering to purist strategies when decorating can, unfortunately, make residential properties look passé.

3. French Provincial

The well-known interior decorators said that the French Provincial is a classic style delineated by rustic textures, faded color palettes, and refined details. The homes usually have a layer of lavishness, curved furniture, and gilt and embroidery framed against a distinct backdrop of milk paint walls and stone flags. Doesn’t that sound absolutely magical?

One of the major reasons why French Provincial managed to retain its popularity even at present is because it hardly cares about trends. It works best for heritage homes. In the cities, the style offers a sense of cordiality – making the occupants feel sophisticated yet welcoming. To perfect the French Provincial décor, please opt for muted or white color and mid-tone wood in furniture and flooring.

Now that is a wrap for the best interior design styles available in the recent times! Hope the aforementioned discussion helped you start your project without any hassle. Always remember that top-notch designers, decorators, and architects will bridge the gap between different styles to create something new. So, set your mind free and approach your house from a creative angle. Please feel free to share your insights with us regarding the discussion below in the comment section.